Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Earliest Tomato

Back in February when I started my peppers and tomatoes I decided that I was going to experiment this year.  I took 5 early girl tomatoes that I started and immediately placed them in my cold frame once they were about 5 inches tall and had their first set of true leaves.  To my surprise these seedlings survived in the cold frame (Which required careful monitoring of closing and opening the lids so they didn't cook or freeze). Once they were in the cold frame for about a month I decided to plant them in the ground mid April.  Of the 5 I did lose two to frost because I wasn't careful in how I covered the plants one evening.  Despite losing two plants, my reward is the earliest tomato I've ever grown.  I've heard of 4th of July tomatoes but at this rate I think I may get a 4th of June tomato! Just goes to show how versatile cold frames are.

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