Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Tomato Harvest: Raccolta di Pomodori

Here are some pics of my late August tomato harvest. I was surprised to see that my Old Ivory Egg tomatoes must have cross pollinated with my Pera d'Abruzzo. The result was yellow Pera d'Abruzzo. Not one of them came out completely red. They all had streaks of yellow which I never saw before. This year I specifically planted Old Ivory Egg but never factored in that it could turn my other tomatoes yellow. Not a big deal as they were all delicious.

Catching Up With Summer

I apologize for not updating more frequently. Here are some pics from back in late June. I never like to take photos of the garden in a messy condition so when I get a chance to clean up and trim the grass I take some photos. I'm getting lots of questions about my tomato staking. This year I decided to try something new called the tomato ring. It's a metal ring around a plastic tension screw holder. More info can be found at http://www.veggiecage.com/

The basic premise is that you can use any stake with a diameter as large as 2" and turn it into a tomato cage without worrying about tying your tomato plant to the stake. They worked amazingly well and staking tomatoes was a joy this year.