Saturday, January 7, 2012

Rosemary At Home In The Cold Frame

I've grown the same Rosemary bush for the past 6 years.  It has endured root division, transplanting, trimming, pruning, frigid winters and hot summers.  I owe a major part of its resilience to the cold frame I keep it in during the winters.  If I were to keep the Rosemary outside unprotected for the winter it would surely die.  If I were to keep it in my garage with my figs it would succumb to withering.  Rosemary does not like to be kept in indoor low lighting as it wants sunlight all year long.  The cold frame allows me to give it just that.  You can see in one corner of the cold frame I'm experimenting with a Bay Laurel to see how it does overwintering in the cold frame. So far so good.


  1. That looks like a good idea. I should try to construct a simple casing for my plant's weather protection too.

  2. It's hard not to enjoy life when you're surrounded by flowers, vegetables, and all the wildlife they attract. I love gardening, it's my stress reliever.

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