Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Kicking The Potted Fig Outside

Over at Garden Rant one of the blogs I visit, I stumbled on a sad article. Turns out that Michele is growing tired of lugging her potted fig back inside for the winter. The 4 figs a year she gets from the tree is also contributing to kicking the fig outside and back into the ground.

Here is some unsolicited advice I have for Michele if she decides to rethink kicking the fig out.

1. Make sure your potted fig isn't root bound in its container. If there are too many roots the fig will not produce well. Even two year old figs can send out crazy amounts of roots and become root bound. A yearly pruning of the root ball will help.

2. Make sure your fig gets even and steady watering all summer long. Drought is one of the main reasons why baby figs created in the spring drop during the summer. They become hollow and rubbery and once this happens no amount of water will rescue the aborted baby fig.

3. Set your container fig out as soon as possible for your region. Here in the northeast you can put the fig out in March provided that the temperatures doesn't go below 30 degrees. The more time the fig has outside the more figs it will produce.

And finally if you are going to plant the fig in ground make sure that either you wrap the fig for the winter or bury it. Those that think the fig will regrow from the roots once spring comes are correct. But this isn't enough time for the fig to produce anything. Although they are prolific growers starting from zero each spring is a sure fire way of guaranteeing an October harvest of small green lifeless figs.

Hope you change your mind Michele.