Monday, April 4, 2011

Home Depot's Seductive Nursery Section. Buyer Beware

This past weekend I was at home depot browsing for some landscaping items. As I often do when I'm at home depot I wander into the nursery section just to see what they are offering. Now it takes quite a bit of restraint browsing that section and not purchasing something but I prevailed. However looking at all the veggie seedlings they had on sale I noticed that they had quite a large selection of tomato and pepper plants. Now here in the north east you basically have to wait until mothers day to set your summer plants out otherwise they will succumb to our vicious early morning frosts. Now I know this and if you're reading this blog you probably know this as well. But for the casual person looking at those tempting tomato plants they may be unaware that it's too early to be buying tomato plants in late march. Now unless they are buying these plants and then sticking them under some grow lights then I can see that being feasible even though the tomato plants that were on sale were at least a foot tall. My worry is that someone sees tomato plants at home depot and then assumes that since home depot is selling them then it must be time to plant them in the backyard. Then when they visit that plant later in the afternoon and see it wilted to the ground and yellowed they might become jaded and curse gardening off for good. I asked a home depot employee if they cover the plants at night since there is no roof in the outside nursery, he said they don't cover anything.

So does Home Depot just let the summer plants die on a cold spring night?


  1. I always find that depressing---it's almost akin to murder. And you bring up a good point-if a newcomer to gardening plants this stuff now, and it dies, you've just lost another potential gardener. They need to put a sign out that says "Look but don't plant!"

  2. i work at home depot and tell ain't easter yet! this reminds them that maters are for summer....not early spring!