Friday, April 15, 2011

6 Month Old Romaine Lettuce Still Going Strong

After 6 months in the cold frame the Romaine Lettuce is starting to take off with the warmer spring temperatures. In the coldest winter months the 5 inch plants just went into a dormant state and pretty much didn't grow at all. The cold frame acted as hibernation chamber for the lettuce greens. This helps get a big jump start in the spring since the plants are already a third of the way grown.


  1. WOW - that's incredible! I just got an old window and some pieces of wood and I'm attempting to put together a cold frame myself. Seeing your lettuces is very inspiring! How great to be able to extend the growing season on both ends!

  2. Wonderful Blog... and a really nice garden box too !
    That Romain looks just awesome.
    Your in a much warmer climate than I am I think... But I hope to have a small green house up by winter and be able to start much of my garden inside long before planting season opens up here.
    Keep up the great blog... I'm bookmarking your page and will be visiting from time to time.

    Uncle Vic
    USA - Minnesota - Zone 4b