Sunday, June 13, 2010

Planting Store Bought Potatoes

I can't tell you how many times I've had store bought potatoes sprout in my pantry. Sometimes we don't use up all the potatoes we buy and they start to sprout in the warm dark pantry. I've always wanted to plant these sprouting potatoes but when I would do some research online the consensus was that you should only plant certified seed potatoes, other wise the potatoes wouldn't produce tubers or they would simply succumb to disease.

Well rather than waste the potatoes I decided to go against mainstream potato wisdom and plant the sprouted grocery store potatoes. I planted these in March and I just recently dug up some potatoes to see how they were doing. You can tell by my pics that the grocery store potatoes are growing just fine.

So guess what? Plant those old grocery store potatoes you have in your pantry... They will grow!

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  1. I'm in two minds, Tim. Supermarkets growers use certified seed so you are are only one generation away when you sow supermarket spuds. I also grow my own saved seed, notably Ballydoon because I can't buy it anywhere. But you have to respect the growers who grow certified seed. It's the build up of virus infection that affects seed potato stocks. Aphids are the agent of transmission - Keeping the aphids off is the big challenge. Colder areas have an advantage in this respect which is why seed potato producers in Scotland have an advantage over English ones in the UK.