Saturday, April 10, 2010

How To Propagate Fig Cuttings

This past July I brought back some of my uncles fig cuttings (healthy branches of fig trees that are cut from the parent tree) and buried them in my raised beds in september.

Today I uncovered them and was happy to see new buds leafing out as well as some root growth. I replanted them in a small container and thats where they will finish establishing their roots for the rest of the summer.


  1. Fig cuttings from a relative's tree?

    If that's not Italian Gardening, I don't know what is!

  2. Thanks. Just had a friend come by for some fig cuttings, and I needed the proper advice on rooting. What was your success rate?

  3. 80% success using the burying method. I've had less success by rooting the cutting in wrapped moist paper towels stuck inside a ziploc bag and then placing it on top of the fridge or warm area. They start to root but the chance of mold infecting the cutting is greater. Good luck

  4. Ciao Timoti,
    This spring I got a fig tree. Right now it's in a pot, waiting to be transplanted to its permanent home. I'm planning on taking a few cuttings and seeing if they root. Did you use any rooting compound ?
    By the way, what photos you have of the garden look great!

  5. would you like to trade some fig tree cuttings? please feel free to contact me at

  6. What did you do between July and Sept. Did you leave it in the ground for about a year. and where do you live?