Friday, April 23, 2010

Cold Frame Winter Garden Results

So my spinach, bietola swiss chard and trevisio radicchio all over wintered successfully in the cold frame and are now ready to be transplanted to their permanent raised beds. Again I'm really surprised how well the cold frame worked. We've had the worst winter in recorded history here in PA, and the cold frame was able to shield the greens from any permanent damage. All the greens you see above were sown in October of 2009. I regularly watered them once spring
temps began to rise so they wouldn't dry out inside the cold frame. The one thing you have to remember is that the cold frame doesn't let much rain water inside, so it's up to you to either remove a lid from the cold frame once you expect rain in your forecast.


  1. that is good you had such luck with your cold frame during a cold winter

  2. So, now being in California, I'm not sure what a cold frame is, exactly. Well, I know what it is, but not necessarily how it works. Anyway, it's nothing more than a box with a glass top? It can't possibly be that simple.

  3. Hi Turling, a cold frame is just a box with a glass or transparent lid which allows sunlight to reach the plants while warming the soil just enough to prevent freezing.

    More info here: